We Accept Payment via Credit card through PayPal or manual entry over the phone. Payment also may be made using Cash App, Venmo, or through TD Bank request or check.

Online Class Information

Payment Information

Instructions for payments made by check.

Personal checks made out to: Joseph Cura

Business Checks made out to: AATG c/o Joseph Cura

Refund Policy A 100% refund will be issued to any student who withdraws from the course prior to the start date. A 50% refund will be issued to a student withdrawing during the 1st scheduled week of class. Any student who withdraws after the start of the 2nd scheduled week will be ineligible for a refund. Late enrolments are ineligible for any refunds. (Any charges AATG incurred in processing your initial payment will be deducted from the refund amount.) Refunds will only be issued once we have received the return of the class book.

Virtual Class Spring 2024 Class Dates

Start Date: Tuesday. April 9, 2024

Last Class: Thursday, June 11, 2024

Class Time: 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Course cost $595.00 includes all classroom materials and textbooks. I

Mailing Address: AATG c/o Joseph A Cura, Q4 Snow Circle, Nashua, NH 03062Phone: (603) 689-9507Cell: 508-254-4624 Email: info@aatraininggroup.net